Blowing those cobwebs away…

For me the New Year always feels like it should begin at the end of January not the start. Chinese New Year falling in late January or early February always seems a much more sensible time for new beginnings.

There’s something a bit bloated and stultifying about the early days of January as we adjust to the harsh reality of having spent, eaten, socialised too much in the preceding weeks. Add to that the dark nights, grey days and no wonder we all walk around looking a bit ashen. Then as the month moves forward I really begin to think about the year ahead and the possibilities of the coming months. I want to be outside not hugging the radiator for warmth, as comforting as closeting yourself at home against the ravages of the winter weather is, it can be smothering. My brain gets a little too relaxed over the Christmas period, it takes a few weeks for the wheels to get working again!

I want to blow away the mental cobwebs and reconnect with the world outside of the front door by the end of January. So this weekend we drove to Scarborough and took a long walk on the seafront punctuated by some fish and chips. It’s part of our ongoing adventure in the North of England and we’re enjoying the luxury of discovering Yorkshire and all it has to offer.  It was wonderful, sunny and bracing with brilliant blue skies. OK so we got hailed on eventually but that just added to the charm and the feeling of reconnection with the world.

The capriciousness and uncontrollable nature of the sea is something to behold and the seaside in winter is best of all. Something about the relentless crashing of waves, the great beyond, looking at the neverending horizon makes me feel alive and connected. It’s strangely calming even with waves crashing against the shore and a strong wind  blowing. Luckily for us it was pretty calm until the hail hit!


So thanks to that little trip out I feel energised and ready to take on February.

And it seems I’m not alone, tonight as I was finishing this blog I came across this post from David Goddin (@changecontinuum) yesterday – Calling Time .

So what are you doing to blow your mental cobwebs away as February begins?